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Publications of member countries

Biogas from manure and waste products, Swedish case studies, Sweden 2008
(PDF 2400 KB)

From Biogas to Green Gas, The Nethelands 2008
(PDF 1100 KB)

Quality Aspects of Green Gas, The Netherlands 2007
(PDF 93 KB)

Basic data on biogas, Sweden 2007
(PDF 1300 KB)

Anaerobic digestion – an overview, Switzerland 2007 
(PDF114 KB)

UK Biomass Strategy, United Kingdom 2007
(PDF 590 KB)

From Biogas to green gas, The Netherlands 2007
(PDF 510 KB)

Effect of silage preparation on methan yields from whole crop maiz silages, Austria 2006
(PDF 160 KB)

Self-heating of anaerobic digesters using energy crops, Austria 2006
(PDF 138 KB) 

Evaluierung der Möglichkeiten zur Einspeisung von Biogas ins Erdgasnetz, Deutschland 2005
(PDF 3700 KB, only in German)

Microbial Growth on Pall-rings, Sweden 2005
(PDF 70 KB)