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Presentations/Proceedings of Workshops Task 37

Presentations of Workshop 
«Biogas upgrading», 
Vienna, Austria, Oktober 2009 (only PDF)

Presentations of Task 36 and 37
«Biofuels&Bioenergy – a Changing Climate»
Vancouver, August 2009 (only PDF)

Presentations from the Ludlow meeting, 
«Co-digestion for an optimized production of biogas and fertilizer» 
UK, April 2008 (only PDF)

Abstracts and contributions from the workshop in Berlin 2007
«Biogas: Energy throughout the whole world» (only PDF); 2007


Proceedings of the workshop in Utrecht
«Energy crops and biogas – Pathways to success?» (only PDF); 2005

Presentations of the Jyvaeskylae Seminar «Production and Use of Biogas» (only PDF); 2004