Collaboration requests

How to post a collaboration request.

If you would like to publish a collaboration request, please send the text you would like to publish (including homepage url) to Your request will be published here and in the Task 37 LinkedIn group.

SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

Feb 2015: At SP we have many specialists within the field of biological treatment of waste, covering source collection of food waste, choice of suitable substrate, pre-treatment of the substrate, the biological process, emissions as well as utilisation of the products produced (biofertilizer, sludge, compost, biogas). We are looking for collaboration partners within this area.

Energiforsk - Swedish Energy Research Centre

Feb 2015: Energiforsk coordinates R&D within the field of energy gases in Sweden and promotes widespread and efficient utilisation of gas since 1990. We want to take an active part on the European scene we are continuously look for new EU project collaborations.

BioMil is looking for partners in EU projects

Jan 2015: BioMil AB is a swedish consultancy company engaged in sustainable solutions for biogas and the environment. We have more than 30 years of experience of biogas and environmental issues. We have extensive experience of studies and design of system solutions for production and usage of biogas and can offer expertise across the whole chain from idea till biogas production. BioMil would like to take part and collaborate in EU project, according to develop the production and usage of biogas.